Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You can't make this stuff up

Are you familar with TED? T=Technology, E=Entertainment, and D=Design topics. The tag line is "Ideas worth spreading". They hold a conference each year, and cover an eclectic array of topics. They are always sold out. And the tickets cost $6,000.00 each.

The TED conference for 2008 was just recently held. They are just now beginning to post the talks online -- this wasn't so in the beginning, but thankfully, has now become the norm. This was the first talk they published this year.

I found it fascinating on a personal level. First -- because my father had a cerebral hemorrhage, and so, I wonder "what if". Second -- because I have briefly experienced this sense of oneness, and find it both comforting and encouraging when others experience it as well. Third -- because we get to hear it from a scientist, whose training is in this field. She sure doesn't talk like a scientist.

But rather than hearing my reactions, perhaps you just want to check out the talk for yourself. It runs 18 minutes -- so I suggest you get yourself a cup of tea.

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tokyo joe said...

Just great!