Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mankind is no Island

Mankind Is No Island from Daniel Spratlin

Please watch the video before reading the text below. Without a doubt, this is a "visual poem", and needs to be seen and heard, not just read. I've just reproduced the text from the video if you wish to study it afterwards, but the real power is in the video.

Mankind is no Island. (text taken from video)

This story is about two cities
divided by a great ocean
united by hope ... hunger

Through your eyes
our city is famous ... happy
You can feel the
I love Sidney
I love NY

But what is it we love today?
Do we love the people or the place?
Do we measure empathy by donations?


I walk by you today
I always look away


Well worn boots with
No standing
No standing
No standing
Do you reason with your condition?

Our city says
"we'll look after you"
your very own family
turn blind
when did you last see your

No fortune to indulge
No sunflower
No rainbow
No successful life


I walk by you today
I did not look away


A story around every corner
The gentle art of hearing
your truth
your thinking
your inner spirit
no different to me

This is Freedom?

Mankind is no island ...



Alli said...

This is a very cool video... very powerful! Where do you find all of these things?!

Steven Crisp said...

I agree with you Alli. I am always very moved by this video, and the music. I have watched it many times.

Where do I get these? It varies -- from different sources on the internet that I have stumbled across and have subscribed. You can usually tell if a site and their mission will connect with what you are looking for. And if not, you can always unsubscribe later.

One of the best sources I've found is:

watch their video right on their home page -- it sums up many of life's philosophies in a simple video on generosity

Love ya,