Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Distortion Field

OK folks,

There is something you know in your head, or your heart, or maybe just your gut.

Well, here, let me shed a little light on that gut feeling you have.

Just watch this clip from the movie The Corporation.

It's 11 minutes long (less if you skip the ad at the end).

I think you will find it fascinating.  Every bit of it.

See what you think.  And feel free to share your thoughts.


daylightdisinfectant said...

welcome to my word,

Steven Crisp said...

Hey DD,

I found this video segment pretty interesting. Actually, the whole documentary. Not sure if you had a chance to watch either. Thought it was well done, and did a good job raising issues rather than preaching the solution. Food for thought, certainly.

Thanks for the visit.